So the question was this: "Can you put the server on like hard because I can barely get any mobs to spawn in a dark room" The server difficulty is on normal, and the difficulty will increase with new bosses and content added in the future.

The spawn rate on GospelCraft is based on normal Minecraft mob spawn mechanics, so players don't have to do anything out of the ordinary to make a dark room or mob grinder.

Some reasons a dark room won't work:

It could be
*too bright - enemy mobs don't spawn in light level 8+
*mobs do not spawn on carpet or half slab floor
*too small - Mobs spawn 24 blocks away, and stop spawning 32 away


Basically what it says in a nut shell for enemy mobs, you need to be 24 blocks away from them for them to spawn, and they stop spawning at 32 blocks away.

After being 32 blocks away for 30 seconds they will despawn.

If they are 128 blocks away, they will despawn imediately.

So I'd say it needs to be like 128 by 128 and 3 high with a light level of below 8 everywhere for a optimum dark room.
That's 8 by 8 chunks