Recently on top of many small updates and tweaks, I have checked off the following from the issues and bugs that have been reported so far.

=Remove chunk loader from slime Xpansion:

=Make default map on the website the Earth map, and put full screen map on drop down.

=set server icon

=Fix creeper damage (not damaging players)

=Add RTP or random teleport (Added: do /rc for random coordinates)

=Fix Anvils not renaming (Fixed by adjusting enchantment limiter plugin)

=Fix It wasn't reported, but I noticed the server's TPS (ticks per second) dropping into a low number, which is not good, so I checked the server's timings, and located the source as some special snow settings. I adjusted it, and the server is running full speed

=auction not available for normal members. Update: Fixed by adding permission to players.

=Fix pvp enabled in wilderness (Adjusted settings, needs testing) Fixed and disabled in wild

=Not able to sit on stairs but the plugin is added to the server. Update: Fixed by adding permissions.

=Fix "You don't have permission to break heads" when breaking exotic plants. (Fixed cut tree down to cause heads to drop) Update: Fixed by changing permission in heads plugin.

=Fix Remove the void pit from lucky blocks. Update: Fixed Will be disabled after next restart

=Copied MissHoodie's house from resource to Earth map.

=Create top players on website for top time of the day.

=Fix explosive pickaxe causing orbfuscator anti-xray to show scrambled blocks (Adjusted needs testing) Update: Works mostly and if you see orbfuscator random blocks do /ghost <radius> to update nearby blocks.

=Fix going through nether portal makes you take damage Update: There doesn't seem to be an issue anymore after many other fixes to unrelated issues.

=Fix Updated PacketWrapper to help with server protocol reflection.

=Fix You can now right click a bookshelf with your hand to read a snippet of text from a book.

=Fix name tags aren't re-namable in anvils and other strange enchanting bugs. Update: Enchantment system has been given a complete overhaul to fix several bugs. Please report any issues with our new enchantment system.

=Added Shields to MCMMO anvil repair. Repair ingredients are wood planks.

=Made several adjustments to Anti-Cheat causing the special movement from items to "rubberband" or "yoyo" players back.

=Fix don't have permission to use salvager to salvage rainbow glass pain (valentine edition) Update: Players should be able to salvage all slimefun items using the slimescrap salvager.

=Fix Players seemed to be locked in the position where they spawned in. Update: Towny had created a town file for a player, and after the player left, it didn't remove the town file in the mysql database for some reason. I manually deleted the file, which fixed the issue

=Fix no player shops yet Update: Needs permission from essentialsEx to create. Update: Create a shop with a chest using a sign. First line: [trade] Second line: your offer (item or $ammount) Third line: ammount itemid:totalsales Fourth line: automatically should fill in with your name.

=Fix minecart not picking up endermites (probably other mobs as well) Update: Fixed (mob blocker) custom physics adjusted.

=Fix /t being for /ticket instead of /town Update: Fixed

=piston machine teleports me to the bottom of my drop point Update: edited anti-cheat configuration. Needs testing. Update: Fixed

=Fix spigot bug makes reinforced spawners turn into pig spawners when placed. only solution so far is to ask staff to right spawner with appropriate egg Update: Fixed by adding plugins.

=Fix everything about the wind staff (anti-cheat rubber banding) Update: new developers nocheatplus available and added. Needs more testing again. Update: fixed

=Fix don't have permission to use salvager to salvage rainbow glass pain (valentine edition) Update: salvage permission added

=Fix cobwebs drop their block item instead of string, So does bookshelves Update: Fixed

=Added combat level

=Worked on mob, item, and skill creation training

=Updated and added several discord channels

=Removed two obsolete plugins (Plugman, PluginManager)

=Added in White Walker Elite mob

=Complete server backup

=Added /resource instead of /warp resource

=Added guide towny/nations, guide head database, guide Werewolves, guide Vampires, guide McMMO, guide SlimeFun, guide Marriage, and Guide /Ghost

=Fixed lava not being able to be placed

=Fixed boats not being able to be placed

=Completed rank prefixes

=Adjusted Dynmap settings

=Promoted I_Am_Rakan to Preacher(Admin)

=Finished Staff ranks

=Added code share to discord

=Created Satyr spawn (In Forests)

=Fixed cobweb drops

=Added Seattle Summers plugin

=Fixed laggy experience in the nether

=Updated Protocollib

=Tested several protocol / packet / api / handlers and removed redundant plugins

=Adjusted Dynmap to cause less server load and only queue render if server TPS is over 19.75

=Upgraded server RAM to double it's original. Now at 4GB

=Adjusted towny prices. Supposed to be at $25.00 a plot per day now.

=Fixed /back not working in several instances

=Adjusted anti-X-ray plugin (orbfuscator) to prevent orbfuscation as often while using the explosive pickaxe. Still needs minor testing and adjusting.

=Added ping to players in tab list, /ping and /ping playername to check player's pings

=Reset message announcements to restart message config from scratch.

=Fixed ping not showing on server list

=Updated LibsDisguises to attempt to correct a new issue with mob disguises etc.

=Fixed creating [Trade] signs using essentials trade signs. Anyone can do it for now, but it will be a rank perk once the ranks are added. All current players will keep current even before ranking up, once ranks are introduced.